Transportation & Delivery

Transportation marks the heartbeat of our bulk storage industry. Receiving, storing and dispensing of petroleum products at our Oil Terminals are our distinguished expertise.



    PNG Storage is a top provider of oil storage and warehousing facilities in Europe and the United States. We are also a shipping company with extensive experience in transshipment of oil and gas products, as well as handling a variety of cargo sizes.


    Our goal and commitment at PNG Storage is to develop environmentally-friendly systems and finding ways to sustainably increase production. We also value building strong relationships and partnerships with like-minded individuals and organizations.


    As a leading independent provider of solutions in the oil and gas industry, our goal is to be the top choice for customers in Europe and the United States. As a shipping multinational, we are able to efficiently serve the needs of both local and international customers.

    Trusted by professionals in over 114 countries

    PNG Storage has been providing a variety of professional services to the oil, gas, petrochemical, and chemical industries since 2006. As a company, we specialize in custom storage tanks, pressure vessels, and heat exchangers for our clients. Our team has the expertise to design, fabricate, and install even the most complex turn-key solutions for process equipment, pressure vessels, and heat exchangers. Our goal is to meet the specific needs of our customers in these industries.

    Operational Policies

    At PNG Storage, we understand the importance of preventing leaks and spills of hazardous substances, which can cause environmental damage and financial losses. That’s why we prioritize the safety and reliability of our storage facilities through regular inspections, audits, and calibrations. These measures help us to maintain compliance with relevant regulations and avoid potential disasters.


    Petroleum Tank Storage

    Our goal is to offer a secure, budget-friendly, and customer-friendly storage solution. Trust us to be your reliable and trusted storage partner.


    Bunkering Services

    One of our key strengths is our ability to effectively source, store, and distribute fuel in difficult and potentially hostile conditions, making us the best in the oil and gas sector.


    Sales & Leasing

    We work closely with manufacturers to provide high-quality Ammonia tanks, Cryogenic tanks, Chlorine Tanks, and Storage tanks.

    Why PNG Storage?

    Safety Excellence

    We operate our terminals in compliance with the highest and safest standards in the industry

    Operational Expertise

    We align our people, processes, and technology to meet operational goals

    Neutral Position in Sector

    Our services are provided on a fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory basis

    Solid Governmental Network

    We provide support and facilitate business by leveraging on our well-established governmental ties

    Innovation & Technology

    We apply latest technology that is fit-for-purpose to create added value to our core storage business

    Customer Oriented

    We understand our customers, fulfill their needs, and build lasting relationships with them

    At PNG Storage, we understand that running a business can be challenging, which is why we offer multiple options for acquiring our storage and logistics services. 

    We are committed to providing fair and competitive pricing for our customers, including the option for case-specific, prorated charges. If you would like to learn more about our storage pricing, please contact us.

    A Leading Independent
    Storage Company


    PNG Storage Limited

    PNG Storage Limited is a top independent storage provider for oil, Petroleum chemicals, and pipeline logistics. We operate a global network of terminals and offer our customers the best storage facilities, transportation, Leasing, pipeline solutions, pricing, timing, and service through a network of highly skilled agents.

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